1. califas.

    juan blazin’


  2. tune in. drop out.

  3. black and white. everywhere.

  4. mgutierrezjr:

    secret spot, tx

    we made it to here today, and toasted our drinks to sarah.

    i need to get back here.

  5. mexico city, mex

  6. puebla, mx

    after i snapped my throttle cable, before my clutch gave out. this is how i tell the trip; by the series of motorcycle failures.

  7. belizeĀ  : guatemala

  8. austin, tx

    chencho flores is an accordionist and has been playing since 1943. you should see him play with los pinky’s at the the white horse.

  9. isla de ometepe, nicaragua

  10. tikal, guatemala

    after a couple of weeks in mexico, we made it to guatemala through belize. after some dirt roads, we made it to tikal, and spent the night camping at the edge of lake peten itza. -m